Choreographer for Bollywood Dance

You all would be wondering why I was in search of a Choreographer for Bollywood Dance and why would I need that? Is it my new hobby, my passion, do I like to shake a leg …NAH !!!

Not that I don’t like to dance but this was for a special occasion, “My brother’s engagement”.


As soon as the engagement date was finalised my mind suddenly was hyper active, new ideas cropping in my head on how to make this event special. After scratching my head, we finally decided to have a surprise dance performance for the ladkiwale’. That was not out of the box kind of stuff but the participants were.

Not getting much into details, we started off with 6 couples from an age group of 30 to 70+ years, yes you read it right, oldest individual was 70+ but trust me all of them were 20 at heart. The real tension was to find a choreographer who could give us dance steps suitable to the people involved in it.

Finding Choreographer for Bollywood Dance

I had few names in my head, but this was a challenge as needed someone who is known to me and second was my budget. Budget was also in my mind, as you all know wedding is an occasion where budget always exceeds the target.

Just when I was about to finalise one, I remembered one of my college friend who is a bharatnatyam dancer and who stayed close by was a choreographer. Bingo…”where is my phone”…were my words…and I dialled her number.

Co-ordinating 6 couples and choreographer was a task as 2 couples stayed far. Lot of questions were in my head, “will they be able to give time for us?”, “will our timings (6 couples and choreographer) match?”, “which hindi dance songs / bhangra dance songs to shortlist?” and so on. But I was adamant to make it work no matter what.

I was on to it, shortlisted different songs from bollywood movies, practice date and time fixed, and the day arrived. We all were waiting for the choreographer and ding dong the bell rang. So here was my dearest friend Sampada Patel aka Sam.

Our final dance performance dance video would be uploaded on next weekend.